Superculture helps remarkable founders grow into remarkable leaders who build enduring, sustainable companies at scale.

  • Hey!

    We’re Superculture — real simple coaching for founders, by founders. We provide leadership coaching, best practices, and stress management techniques for founders and operators with a certified coach who’s walked in their shoes and been a founder too.

  • Who this is for

    Superculture is for founders and operators of funded or profitable startups who are looking to grow their leadership ability, their teams, products, and companies. We coach C-Suite, VP’s, managers, and VC’s who want to live impactful, healthy lives.

  • Coaching

    The fact is... startups are hard—high risk, high stakes, high stress. As a leader, you’re in situations that are new, novel, and lonely. And yet, you must find the signal in the noise, make decisions, and move forward.

    Superculture grows remarkable leaders through 1:1 coaching, peer groups, leadership development workshops, and 360’s. We help you drive towards decisions, clarify your goals, and communicate those goals clearly to your stakeholders.

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  • How this works

    Engagements start with a discovery session where we dive into your current challenges and goals for coaching. Sometimes we’ll perform a 360 Review, in which case we’ll discuss the results and build a development plan together.

    Then, twice a month, we meet in a distraction-free hour, typically via video, at a mutually agreeable time.

  • Outcomes

    Superculture clients have raised millions, recruited and retained world-class talent, grown their products, sold their companies, started funds, launched rockets, opened flagship stores, been nominated for James Beard awards, won prestigious grants and--most importantly--found more meaning, clarity and balance in their roles.

    Innovation without sustainability leads to burnout and failure. We empower leaders with the skills they need to manage growing healthy, successful companies that promote cultures of excellence and wellbeing.

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