• Superculture is a boutique leadership development firm that offers one‑on‑one leadership coaching, peer groups and custom workshops for startups.

  • Who this is for

    Superculture is for founders and operators of funded or profitable startups who are looking to grow their leadership ability, their teams, products, and companies. We coach C-Suite, VP’s, managers, and VC’s who want to live impactful, healthy lives.

  • Coaching approach

    The fact is... startups are hard—high risk, high stakes, high stress. As a leader, you’re in situations that are new and often lonely. And yet, you must find the signal in the noise, make decisions, and move forward.

    Superculture offers leaders a rare, distraction-free opportunity to see themselves as others see them, cultivate their intuition, clarify their purpose, and develop the skills of great leaders in their field. Superculture is led by serial founder and ICF-certified coach Tarikh Korula. He’s raised institutional VC, scaled to millions of users, and built highly technical teams.

    Superculture grows remarkable leaders through 1:1 coaching, peer groups, leadership development workshops, and 360’s. We help you drive towards decisions, clarify your goals, and communicate those goals clearly to your stakeholders. Some of the categories that we focus on include:

    Growing yourself and your leadership
    — Identifying and building your leadership style
    — Managing stress and finding balance
    — Growing self awareness
    — Driving decision-making and forward progress

    Growing your company and your vision
    — Storytelling, vision and comms
    — Strategy, sales and negotiation
    — Business KPIs, Product, Growth
    — Investor relations and board dynamics
    — Operations, legal, and finance

    Growing your people and building your team
    — Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, retention
    — Management, OKRs and team building
    — Defining values and growing your company culture
    — Feedback and criticism
    — Engineering management

    Product, customers, growth
    — Product management
    — Growth strategies and marketing tactics for startups
    — Metrics and KPIs
    — Community - Creating and leveraging a strong community of customers to kick-start your business’ growth

  • Outcomes

    Superculture clients have raised millions, recruited and retained world-class talent, grown their products, sold their companies, started funds, launched rockets, opened flagship stores, been nominated for James Beard awards, won prestigious grants and--most importantly--found more meaning, clarity and balance in their roles.

    Innovation without sustainability leads to burnout and failure. We empower leaders with the skills they need to manage growing healthy, successful companies that promote cultures of excellence and wellbeing.

  • Typical engagements

    Superculture supports leaders and teams backed by many of the world’s top investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Bessemer Venture Partners, FirstMark Capital, Thrive Capital, True Ventures, Union Square Ventures, Y Combinator and more. Some typical engagements include:

    — Helped a founder/CEO scale their team, evaluate funding options, acquisition offers and successfully negotiate a sale to a large, public company.

    — Helped a founder/CEO articulate and execute a plan to manage their team through COVID-19, raise additional capital, coordinate with his board, and hire a CEO with deep operating experience and multiple exits to scale the company.

    — Coached two founders through existential conflict to an amicable resolution after a $20M funding round. Helped with listening and communication, finding common ground and re-imagining their roles. Relationship continues to mature over a year later.

    —Coached interim VPE of Series D company up from their previous role as Director of Engineering. Launched new recruiting plan, compensation plan, career ladder framework and brand/culture guidelines. Grew team 50%, reorganized and consolidated and outlined objectives for board meetings.

    —Coached an operator with 20 years in M/A to GP/Managing Director of $20M early stage venture fund.

    —Facilitate twice-monthly peer group of Silicon Valley Founder/CTOs in AI, Spacecraft, Robotics startups with teams between 25-200.

  • How this works

    Engagements start with a discovery session where we dive into your current challenges and goals for coaching. Sometimes we’ll perform a 360 Review, in which case we’ll discuss the results and build a development plan together.

    Then, twice a month, we meet in a distraction-free hour, typically via video, at a mutually agreeable time.

    Engagements are open-ended, month-to-month and the client decides duration. The average engagement is between 12-18 months.

  • About Superculture

    Superculture aims to be of service to all startup founders, operators and teams through world-class coaching and leadership development.

    We want to inspire a movement of entrepreneurs empowered with the skills they need to grow healthy, successful companies that promote cultures of excellence and wellbeing.

    Superculture was founded by Tarikh Korula, a serial entrepreneur on a mission to help grow more mindful leaders with sustainable companies and cultures.